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Meet Totes Adore!


Photo of Donna

I’m passionate about creating upcycled and reusable products that are not only practical and ethical but look amazing too.

Being brought up in pubs I used to be amazed that the breweries and distilleries didn’t want their beautifully crafted and coloured bottles back to be refilled and they would simply be crushed.

Studying Art at college then later moving on to an Interior Design course I continued to be fascinated with upcycling and reusing things in unusual ways. From using old Hovis bread tins to grow herbs in my garden to painting and upcycling my own furniture, it was only ever a hobby as I ended up having a successful career in advertising for over 12 years.

After a lovely holiday and the usual dread of going back to work my husband encouraged me to follow my dream and do something I truly loved, it was a now or never moment so I took the plunge.

Originally launched with a likeminded friend, Totes Adore was born as a platform to promote upcycling and reusability selling products that fitted this ethos. Making more and more of the products inhouse in my little studio lovingly names the Bunker, every day brings new challenges & ideas but I have never been happier than indulging my love of upcycling.

From handpoured candles in beautiful china teacups and handmade jugs, which can all be washed out and reused to the Adore-a-Bottle range, which finally found a use for upcycling all of those beautifully shaped and coloured bottles. Totes Adore items are handcrafted and unique as well as practical & ethical. I hope you Totes Adore them as much as I do.

Donna x