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Why shop with us

We hope you love what we sell and what we make. We are passionate about offering a great service and selling things that are unique, with lots of personality and are upcycled and ethical. By shopping with us you are supporting a local business, rather than increasing shareholders profits and helping to buy Kizzy’s daughter’s school uniforms and Misty’s spoilt pooch’s organic dog biscuits!

Vintage Condition – Explained

When we describe something as vintage it does mean that it’s not new and has been used, so there may be a little wear & tear, but isn’t that always part of the appeal? We do describe any additional damages in the product descriptions that are over what would be described as good vintage /lived in condition.


Our measuring is a bit like our drinks measures or the amount of sugar in our tea – they are very approximate! Due to the handmade nature of our products they do vary so please use our measurements as a guideline only. If you need to the mm specific sizing please get in touch with us before buying.

Our Luxury Candles & Scents

Totes Adore Candles are made with 100% natural wax, which burns cleaner than paraffin (which is a byproduct of the oll industry) and emits no petrol carbon soot which can blacken your walls and ceilings as well as add toxic carcinogens to the air around you.

Our Bee Adored Range is made from 100% natural Beeswax, which has lots of benefits, such as naturally removing dust particles from the air.

We use Soy wax for our Scented Candles, which burns slower and cooler than paraffin wax, creating a longer burning candle. It is also a renewable biodegradable source, made from hydronated soybean oil, and actually turns back to oil when melted, before hardening once again into wax when cooled. Soy Candles are better for you to use than paraffin candles which can contain all kinds of chemicals. If you haven’t looked into this before you will be horrified what you will find by quickly researching popular brands online.

Our candles are scented with 100% essential oils, which are oils that have been extracted from nature, which can have mood enhancing benefits when used – hence aromatherapy. However, this can limit us with our choice of fragrances, scents such as fresh laundry or even sweet pea, are not an option for us as they are purely synthetic scents. We work with our mixologist to come up with mood enhancing scents that we are sure you will Totes Adore!

We also use a high percentages of Essential oil in each candle, so they are highly scented, customers have said that they fragrance rooms even when unlit.

We believe that we offer the best quality scented candles available on the market, our ingredients could not get any purer, whist there are other companies that offer the same level, but to our knowledge with a much higher price tag.

Our refill service

As keen upcyclers we offer a candle refill service from any of the candles you have bought from us. If you have a vessel of your own you would like us to fill please read the General Item Commission Section.

To arrange getting your candle refilled, please email us with your full name & address, and also your choice of scent. We will send you a refill number and a paypal invoice. Then you can attach the refill number to your parcel and send to us, we can take no responsibility for items that are broken or damaged when they arrive. We will refill the vessel with your chosen scent then post back to you. The cost of a refill is £15 for teacups, £17.50 for the handmade ceramics.


Due to the handmade nature of our products no two are exactly the same, and to be honest we do like it that way. All bottles react slightly differently in the kiln, they can have bubbles here and different shades within the glass. If it is a bottle that requires the front to be a in a certain position, for example Gordon’s has the name in raised writing in the glass, we may use glass props to keep it upright that could be visible from the back. We feel that this in no way detracts from the appearance of the Adore-a-Bottle from the front and in fact adds to the handmade feel. Our Bottles have been used, enjoyed and drank (not all by us… honestly!) so some of the labels may not be perfect but you are buying a genuine upcycled product. If you have any concerns about this please email us before ordering at and we can send you a picture of the actual bottle you would receive.

Commissioning an Adore-a-Bottle

We can make you an Adore-a-Bottle from a bottle that is special to you, whether it is, choose from a clock, drunken bottle or a cheeseboard. We can even gift box it for you. Contact us for details letting us know what kind of bottle you have and what you would like us to make it into, we’ll get back to you with a price. It is also worth noting that although breakages in the kiln happen very rarely, we cannot accept any liability for this happening. Contact us at for details on commissioning an Adore-a-Bottle.

General Item Commission

Lots of our items can be made to order, we will always to our best to be able to work with you on your own ideas. Please email for details.

Delivery Questions

How long does it my order take to be delivered

Your order will be delivered within 3-5 working days, sometimes sooner. If you need express delivery please contact us before placing the order to make sure this is possible.

Where is my order

Contact us for details at quoting your order number.

Can I send a gift?

Yes you can, this can be done by specifying a different delivery address at checkout. If you would like a complimentary handwritten note written please contact us for details


Please see our separate returns policy.


We’re on a roll with Questions now so time to tackle Google’s Most Asked Questions …

Why is the sky blue

Because the grass is green and everyone knows that blue & green should never be seen, so blue was moved as far away from green as possible so as not to commit an absolutely fatal fashion faux pas.

Why do we yawn

1. We’re bored, natch.

2. We need entertaining like the Kings and Queens that we are!

3. We actually think it is because we are tired and our brain needs an influx of oxygen to kick start it a little, rather like when you have a shot on a nightout to boost your drunkenness.

And Finally…

The Totes Adore Vintage Game

As vintage pieces have already lived a life before we get them we love to speculate as to who bought them and why, and a build a whole little life story for the item right up until the present day. Whether it is a cute story of a man buying something from a gift shop that he couldn’t really afford for his sweetheart to remind her of him when he goes off to war, or whether he bought it to make up for loosing the rent on game of poker or being a cheating pig really does depend on our mood!

Hope you have as much fun with this as we do, and we’d love to hear your stories about your favorite vintage items or things you have bought from us, email us at