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  • Introducing our new Upcycled Nibble Bowls!

    With Christmas fast approaching we're preparing ourselves for the onslaught of visitors and relatives, to be the perfect hostess with the mostess you need your nibbles firmly at the ready! So we would like to proudly introduce our new range - at your disposal to hold an array of chips & dips for all occasions! Our Nibble Bowl range have been in development for some time, and what we have grown to love is that despite our best efforts for uniformity every bottle is coming out unique in some way. The glass bottles we use are all up-cycled and have had anther life, so they come in a variety of shapes & sizes, whether it is beer bottles, wine, prosecco or champagne bottles we have ways to up-cycle them all. We think that our nibble bowls have several uses, whether its tea lights, teabags or false teeth they look lovely holding anything! Hope you all Totes Adore them as much as we do!

    wine-bottle- nibble-bowls

  • Moving to The Bunker

    Well 2013 has certainly been a busy year for us gals and when we do manage to fit in the odd glass of fizz (ok, it usually tea!) we often reflect on what an amazing, challenging and outstanding year it has been. Being a new business we are so happy to have been so warmly welcomed, by customers and stockists and the positivity we have received is so very touching and uplifts us in what we do day to day. Not only have we launched our website, developed our range of upcycled goodies, we have just moved workshops to accommodate our bigger kiln and more stock. Any move can be stressful and this one, was no different! Not only did we have 'Officey' things to move, but we had lots and lots of empty bottles, oodles china, records and a couple of great big hefty kilns!! However, a few lorry trips and a forklift later, we are in our lovely new office and studio, which we are lovingly calling 'The Bunker'!


  • Christmas Gifts made easy

    We're thoughtful gals you know, well our Cheeseboards are selling at the speed of light, they seem to be top of the list of gifts for Christmas that everyone loves. When we are at events we suggest when people buy them that they should get some cheese and maybe a little bottle of port. Well we've decided to take a bit more of the legwork away. We have got a limited number of Cheeseboard Gift Sets available that have the cheese included, it is vacuum packed so stays fresh without being kept in the fridge until February, so the ideal gift is now complete! Snap em up, they won't be around for long!


  • Newcastle Does Vintage

    We were at Newcastle Does Vintage recently held at the Theatre Royal, a stunning Art Deco venue, and a perfect showcase for this event. As we find at many of these events, we struggle to stay behind our own stalls, as our eyes are on stalks at all of the goodies! Our favourite trick is to get there and set up early so we can have a wander and ear mark a few purchases. This time Kizzy bought a gorgeous 1960's candy pink mac, with lovely big buttons. I was torn between a kitsch pineapple ice bucket and battered red leather satchel, I went with the bag, but really there is far too much choice! We had a fabulous fun day and would recommend visiting to anyone.


  • Festival of Thrift

    Darlington has just held the UK's very first Festival of Thrift, a fabulous event all about celebrating the fun that you can have 'on the cheap!' The Festival was aimed at changing attitudes surrounding the disposable culture we live in and encourage people to make do and mend a little more. There was workshops, entertainment and lots to do for all of the familily. We were there with our pop up boutique, dancing the days away to the Charity Shop Disco! Not only did we have a fantastic time, but we also left feeling inspired and enthused after so much positive feedback about our up-cycled goodies. We can't wait until next time ...


  • Newcastle Quayside Market

    Our first visit to the Quayside Sunday Morning Market was one of those days when you think its going to be really cold and you get there and it is positively tropical! So there we were dressed for the arctic having to shed some layers, it was in fact so sunny we both got a bit of a tan! The Quayside is a fabulous market full of hustle & bustle, the public are full of fun and up for a laugh as much as the traders, we met lots of hungover stags & hens as well as locals & tourists. Our best seller of the day didn't surprise us, it was our Newcastle Brown Ale Bottle Clocks!

    Quayside-market-us newcastle.brown.bottleclock

  • Tynemouth Market

    If you have never been Tynemouth Market is held at the only privately owned Metro Station on the network, in you'll never believe it… Tynemouth. The station itself is gorgeous architecturally, Grade 2 listed and bursting with Victorian features and character it is beautiful and bright. Not totally sheltered from the elements, it keeps you dry but you still need to wrap up. We have long been fans of this market, billed as the North's Most Vibrant Marketplace it certainly is a melting pot brimming with arts, crafts, thrift & vintage finds along with the best of market traditional market staples, such as meat, bread, flowers and cakes. As always we spend as much as we earn, coming home with knitted hats, fabulously kitsch hand sewn aprons, a typewriter, and some amazing Kenspeckle Fudge! We were a tad hungover if we're honest but the lively atmosphere and content supply of tea & things to nibble (we Totes Adored these giant snowballs) kept us full of cheer for the day!


  • Viva La Vinyl

    Our Viva La Vinyl range is proving so popular we have expanded the range to now include an adorable range of bags that we simply Jute Adore! These pop coloured bright totes are lovingly adorned with an up-cycled vinyl classic, and finished with vintage buttons and adornments. We chose to use carbon neutral jutes that are very sturdy with a good old reinforced gusset - as Kizzy likes to say with a cheeky smile! Its such a shame that these records were all heading for landfill as they were scratched, damaged and unplayable. We like to think we have given them a second life, we get so sentimental where vinyl is concerned. Remembering the days when we'd save our pocket money and head to Woolworths to buy a single, they are far to pretty to sit in landfill! So we hope that everyone Totes Adore's these bags as much as we do!


  • The Marmite of the Candle World!

    We love attending events, we have such fun chatting to visitors! One thing that always makes us laugh is how the smell of our Star Anise & Lime Candle divides people. There is no middle ground with this scent, you either love it or hate it, and it really is that far it has always been pretty even! We have even had to intervene with a few couples and offer them a middle ground as we don't want our candles blamed for divorce!


  • Our Limited Edition Ashes Adore-a-Bottle Clocks go down a storm!

    To celebrate Englands lead on the Ashes we made a collection of Limited Edition Ashes Adore-a-Bottle Clocks, which have been shipped all over the county and even to one customer in Australia! We tweeted a picture to the brewer Marstons, and they loved them that much they sent us a free case of Marstons Pedigree, so once we work our way through them expect to see some Marstons Pedigree Adore-a-Bottle Clocks on the site too!

    If you have any reqests for us to make an Adore-a-Bottle Clock from your favourite Ale, Spirit or Champagne bottle contact us for details.

    Marstons Ashes Ale Limited Edition Adore-a-Bottle Clock Marstons Ashes Ale Limited Edition Adore-a-Bottle Clock

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