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  • Afternoon Tea for the Birdies!

    Its no secret that we love vintage china and are always thinking of ways to bring it upto date, out of the cupboards and charity shops and proudly on display in our homes. Our range of Teacup Birdfeeders do just that, up cycled from vintage china cups they have stainless steel fittings so do not rust and are attached to copper pipe which can be staked into the garden, in borders or pots. The cups can be detached to be washed, but are very sturdy on their poles. Supplied with little bag of birdseed, they can also be used for tealights or citronella candles. We're sure you will Totes Adore them as much as we do!


  • Introducing Upcycled Cigar Box Handbags

    We are so excited to present a new collection of up-cycled handbags, made from wooden cigar boxes. The bags are handmade in Southern Ireland by Carlton F Gill-Blyth, these pieces are more than arm candy, they are like arm art! Each one is finished to an unbelievable standard and lined with soft fabric. The only problem is we're not sure if we can actually part with them …


  • Newcastle Does Vintage

    We were at Newcastle Does Vintage recently held at the Theatre Royal, a stunning Art Deco venue, and a perfect showcase for this event. As we find at many of these events, we struggle to stay behind our own stalls, as our eyes are on stalks at all of the goodies! Our favourite trick is to get there and set up early so we can have a wander and ear mark a few purchases. This time Kizzy bought a gorgeous 1960's candy pink mac, with lovely big buttons. I was torn between a kitsch pineapple ice bucket and battered red leather satchel, I went with the bag, but really there is far too much choice! We had a fabulous fun day and would recommend visiting to anyone.


  • Newcastle Quayside Market

    Our first visit to the Quayside Sunday Morning Market was one of those days when you think its going to be really cold and you get there and it is positively tropical! So there we were dressed for the arctic having to shed some layers, it was in fact so sunny we both got a bit of a tan! The Quayside is a fabulous market full of hustle & bustle, the public are full of fun and up for a laugh as much as the traders, we met lots of hungover stags & hens as well as locals & tourists. Our best seller of the day didn't surprise us, it was our Newcastle Brown Ale Bottle Clocks!

    Quayside-market-us newcastle.brown.bottleclock

  • Viva La Vinyl

    Our Viva La Vinyl range is proving so popular we have expanded the range to now include an adorable range of bags that we simply Jute Adore! These pop coloured bright totes are lovingly adorned with an up-cycled vinyl classic, and finished with vintage buttons and adornments. We chose to use carbon neutral jutes that are very sturdy with a good old reinforced gusset - as Kizzy likes to say with a cheeky smile! Its such a shame that these records were all heading for landfill as they were scratched, damaged and unplayable. We like to think we have given them a second life, we get so sentimental where vinyl is concerned. Remembering the days when we'd save our pocket money and head to Woolworths to buy a single, they are far to pretty to sit in landfill! So we hope that everyone Totes Adore's these bags as much as we do!


  • We Finally Launch

    We'd like to thank all of our friends & family who have helped us get our business and this site up and running, it has been a real labour of love. We have also had the pleasure of working with some fabulous suppliers and artisans along the way that have made our sometimes difficult journey more fun - we love you all! The website has happened 2 months later than we had planned but we are really proud of it and hope you Totes Adore our products as much as what we do!

    We love getting up when the birds are still asleep, packing up our picnic with our curlers in and attending events so will hopefully get to meet lots of our customers on our travels, keep upto date with where we are on our events page.


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