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  • Commissions on the go!

    We've done a few special bottles for people mostly Champagne Bottles, making them into Clocks & Cheeseboards as a lovely keepsake. Today we did a bottle for one of our fellow stallholders at Newcastle Monument Market, it was for Robinsons Ginger Wine. If you haven't tried their Ginger Wine before it is simply heavenly, we have had several samples (we have to be sure we like it!) over the winter at various events and would definitely recommend it. Luckily we had a spare Wine Bottle with us, normally it takes us a few days to make things to order so we were delighted that we could do turn this one around on the day as a unique gift for Christmas. If you have a special bottle from a wedding, birthday or just a favourite tipple we can squash it for you and make it into a memory!





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