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Nibble Bowls

Do you love a nice bottle of wine? Well we love them so much that we can’t bear to part with them and we give them a new lease of life!

Our nibble bowls are fabulous for treats and nibbles and we think you will agree that they are just too lovely to go into the recycling bin just yet!

Saving 30% energy by being upcycled into something new, than being recycled in the full smelting process to become a bottle again, we hope to not only help the environment, but to also help tables everywhere look extra special!

From classic brown beer bottles, to iconic green wine bottles and not forgetting super chic dark champagne bottles, we have a selection of bottles, shape, colour and size that you will love.

If you have a particular bottle you would like, send us a message and we will see if we have it – or why not send us your special bottle and we will create a keepsake for you to treasure.